Stones of Strength

One of the new 2020 events this year was the "Ohio's Strongest Celt" stone lifting competition. Here is a great documentary, STONELAND, which explains the history of stone lifting in the Scottish culture.

"Ohio Stones of Strength Competition began in 2019 and is open to all interested athletes and audience members. The competition consists of lifting a stone over a caber approximately one meter off the ground. There are two separate feats of strength that represent Scottish heavy lifting stones, simply known as clach cuid fir or manhood stones. The Cardinal Stone (half-strength)  which weighs 280 lbs and the Buckeye Stone (full-strength) which weighs 320 lbs. The competition takes place the Saturday of the Games. Contact Sean Urquhart for more information."


Gaelic Proverb - "A man is of little worth without strength or device"

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