Stop and visit The Clan Village.

Maybe your family is a member of one of the great clans of Scotland!

Please contact Deborah Kelley for clan registration

We are pleased to welcome the following clans to the 2019 Ohio Scottish Games:   


       Clan Campbell Society                                              Clan Claus Society

       Clan Davidson Society of North America              Clan Donald, USA

       Clan Forsyth Society, USA                                         House of Gordon, USA

       Clan Gregor Society - Great Lakes Chapter           Clan Gunn

       Clan Hall                                                                      Clan Henderson

       Clan Hunter                                                                Clan Irvine

        Clan Lamoint Society of North America                Clan MacKenzie of The United States   

        Clan MacKintosh                                                       Clan MacLaren

        Clan MacLeod Society                                               Clan MacRae Society of North America

        Clan MacTavish                                                          Muirhead Clan Society

        Clan Murray                                                                Clan Stewart

        Scottish Heritage Society of NE Ohio (SHANO)     Clan Thompson International (Society)

        Clan Wallace

** PLEASE NOTE**   If your Clan is not registered, you will not be able to participate in the

                                     Opening Ceremonies.  Contact Deborah Kelley with questions   


                       Come out on Friday night to the
Calling of the Clans Torch Lighting Ceremony!
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